Thursday, August 20, 2009

DIY Organic Facial Mask

Here's an easy recipe for a calming pore-cleansing facial mask. This is a good recipe for inflamed skin and skin that is oily or prone to blemishes and pore congestion.

2 tsp Organic Oat Flower
Water as needed
lavender essential oil
chamomile essential oil
tea tree essential oil
(or essential oils of your choice)

mix the oat flour with some water, starting with a very small amount at first, to make a paste. The paste should be very spreadable, not goopy. Add water until you reach this consistency.

Next, add just a couple drops of each essential oil and mix into the flour/water paste.

Apply to damp skin and massage it over your face gently to cleanse and get a little exfoliation out of the process.

Then leave the mask on until it dries (or if you have dry skin, leave it on until it's almost dry and then rinse).

Rinse with warm water. Follow with your usual products.

I use this mask when my skin is hormonal or congested and it quickly reduces redness and calms inflammation.


Anonymous said...

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