Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cargo PlantLove Lipsticks

While I try to keep makeup to a minimum during the week, I like to wear some on the weekends or for events, and I'm very choosy.

I only go into Sephora for two things: Bare Minerals Foundation (which is getting better safety ratings on now so I consider it a cheaper and accessible alternative to Zosimos and Coastal Classic Creations) and... Cargo PlantLove Lipsticks. These lipsticks are my new favorite! I've never used another natural lip product like them! They can be worn lightly for a very sheer stain-like look or applied to opaque coverage. There are super natural-looking colors as well as some bolder shades. My faves are Yellowstone, Majella, Lindsay, and CeCe. I wish I could wear more of them including Ageless, Eve Pinky, Maria, and Evangeline, all of which are amazing colors that just aren't gonna work with my particular coloring, which finds the orange in even the bluest of shades.

Cargo PlantLove Lipsticks have recently been reformulated with MUCH cleaner ingredients and they are cruelty-free and vegan as far as I can tell (I frequently pour over the ingredient list to find anything that might be the pinch to wake me up from my vegan natural lipstick dream).

I attribute the excellence of these lipcolors to the fact that they were made by a cosmetics company who knows how makeup should perform, rather than by a natural makeup company that set out to make products that emphasize ingredients while sacrificing function. I want both! And I think these lipsticks are a great option.

So love your natural lips, but if you must dress them up, do it with healthier cosmetic choices.

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